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Loanwalle is a disruptor in the personal loan industry in India. At Loanwalle, speed and care is the only essence. It holds true for our customers as well as our investors. Your profits will be speedy and we take care of the marketing, hiring, and training of the staff.

Our business model solves the basic problem of the 21st century human-: Money. Our sophisticated systems have made instant loan under 30 minutes possible, to satisfy the "I want it quick, and I want it now" instinct. Our growth curve has only been rising ever since our establishment. Loanwalle was profitable during the pandemic too, which is evidence of the success of our business model.

Ours is a company built on strong business ethics and moral beliefs with a commitment to long term success and growth of our brand. Our main focus is on customer satisfaction by providing them a loan within 30 minutes. And due to this determination we are standing tall with a Google rating of 4.9 with 1900+ reviews. We offer the following to our franchise operators.

What Loanwalle Offers

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What sets us apart from our competition? Our USP is to give an online loan in 30 minutes.

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The onboarding is hassle-free since we are experts in the personal loan industry.

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Firm establishment in the fintech space in India We have an existing base of loyal customers and have deep roots in the fintech space in India.

Benefits of Loanwalle Franchise

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Minimum space required 500-600 sq. ft.
for business setup with 4-5 people team

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Fixed Return & Day 1 return

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Passionate & fully committed team to guide you through the process. Live your passion – Be A part of Loanwalle family
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Live you passion – Be A part of Loanwalle family
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